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Get Your Puppy Off to a Head Start!!!!!

New Puppy Seminars geared toward
-Getting ready!
-Early Training - before coming to class
-All Behavioral Areas  'New Puppy'

Over 12 years of Service
to the Dog Community of
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area

Video support after every seminar
& all classes & private consults

All Puppies/Dogs Depicted on this website are current or former students of Sherwood Barks Agility & Puppy & Dog Training.  

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Tug-It Videos - 3 Month Old Border Collie & Australian Shepherd learn Manners, Down... Recalls  - see more Videos on Sherwood Barks U tube Channel






Leo Videos - 3 Month Old Beagle  learns:  Drop.... Manners & Down Cue!








Paws a While Boarding Kennel

Located 1/2 hour east of Sherwood Park.... well worth the trip.
Tell them Jen at Sherwood Barks sent you.
Let Jen know how your dog enjoyed it's stay at the kennel.


The Culture Clash

Jean Donaldson




The Other End of the Leash

Patricia McConnel PhD.

The Cautious Canine

Patricial McConnel PhD.

I'll Be Home Soon (Seperation anxiety)

Patricia McConnel PhD.


Sherwood Barks Dog Training is a Member of or Participates in the Following Organizations:

Northern Power Paws Flyball Club

Agility Association of Canada

North American Agility Association

Alberta Jack Russel Association

Clicker Training - with Karen Pryor

Training Troop Seminars

Alberta Dogs

Dogs at Large Agility Club Trials

PACE Agility Club Trials

Blast Agility Trials

Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers


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