Sherwood Barks Dog Training: Puppy Classes & Agility & Dog Day Care

'Best Positive, Force Free,  Puppy Training. Agility, in Edmonton & Sherwood Park '

Puppy Classes, Dog Daycare, Agility, Flyball, Little Dog Sundays       

Dog & Puppy Training: 780-417-7756 
Dog Daycare: 780-465-9998
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area     


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Get your puppy off to a Head Start! 

Start with Puppy Level 1 
2nd set of vaccinations required.
(rabies & kennel cough not required) 

Dog Training, Puppy Classes, Doggy Day Care, Agility, Little Dog Play Group, Obedience, Flyball 

Puppy Classes 3 months -1 year -- 'The Sooner the Better'

14 years of Service
to the Dog Community of
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area

 Online Video support after every class
class at Sherwood Barks.  Membership to our private Facebook Group, 15 min playtime before class begins.

New*   Leash Reactivity Seminar &         Classes         Little Dog Agility Click Paw for more info.

Begins April 6, 2019,
                  Saturday mornings @ 10:00am.

Puppy Classes,

     ** New** PLAY, TRAIN & BOARD
or Train while in Doggy Day Care      

Little Dog Agility Click Paw Print for more info.
Leave Your Dog/Puppy with our
Top Knotch, Highly Qualified Trainers and Day Care Staff

Agility Dog Training Little Dog Agility& Doggy Day Care Services - Positive Dog Training - Force Free

Sherwood Barks Policy:

All dogs must be pre-booked via email, no medium/large dog drop ins 

Intact males over the age of 7 months must be neutered before attending or returning to Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care.

Registration Form Link:   

 Please call 780-465-9998 to check for availability and recieve sign-up forms 


    Specializing in Small Breeds & Medium Breed Dogs/Puppies.  

Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate giant breed dogs. 

Stop by for a visit, meet the staff and volunteers, view the facility and see the care the dogs receive! 


  **Exception to facility tour: 
  Drop-off hours  6:30-9:30am  
   & pick-up time 3:30-5:45pm Daily.  


We cannot accomodate large dog drop ins! Please email beforehand to book

Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care specializes in:  

          Small & Medium Breed Dogs.

Our Primary Goal:  Small group, safe, clean and comfortable socialization  

(Puppies and dogs who have attended Sherwood Barks puppy classes do not need assessment)

What we offer? 

 All time access to a fully fenced outdoor area with turf, shade, toys & water  

Knowledgeable, caring staff with several years' experience working in multiple dog environments 

Small groups: No more than 40 dogs per day equaling 13 dogs per area

Appropriate size and temperment groupings to ensure happy and safe pups 


  No intact males over 7 month
 Evaluation required if the dog has not
been previously seen by Sherwood Barks Staff.

All dogs depicted are current or past dog daycare attendees