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                                                               Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area                                                               

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Get Your Puppy Off to a Head Start!!!!!

New Puppy Seminars geared toward
-Getting ready!
-Early Training - before coming to class
-All Behavioral Areas  'New Puppy'

Over 12 years of Service
to the Dog Community of
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area

Video support after every seminar
& all classes & private consults

*All puppies, dogs & handlers depicted on this site are current or past students of Sherwood Barks Dog Training.  

All Puppies/Dogs Depicted on this website are current or former students of Sherwood Barks Agility & Puppy & Dog Training.  

Sherwood Barks Policy:

 1.   All dogs MUST be non-aggressive

'One Strike and Yer Out'
    aggression policy'

If your dog inflicts injury on another dog
    it will be not allowed to return.

   Also the offending dog will be billed for
         any veterinary services required.

 2. If your dog causes damages to
                       Sherwood Barks property

          You will be shown pictures
     of the damages and billed for them

3. Intact males over the age of 7 months must be neutered before attending Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care.

4. Please ensure females over 6 months are Not in season when attending Day Care, 

Registration Form Link:   RE booking only

 If are not currently a client of Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care:

 Please call 780-465-9998 to check for availability and sign-up forms. 


Sorry, We do not take Giant Breed Dogs

              in Doggy Day Care.  


Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care specializes in  

          Small & Medium Breed Dogs.

Our Primary Goal:  Small group, Safesafe, clean and comfortable socialization                

    Specializing in Small Breeds. 

Stop by for a visit to view the facility and the care the dogs receive.
  **Exception to facility tour: 
  Drop-off hours  6:30-9:30am  
   & pick-up time 3:30-5:45pm Daily. 

 We are very busy during this time and cannot facitlitate tours or answer questions           Thank you for your consideration.

  No intact males over 7 months

  All dogs must be non-aggressive. 
 Evaluation required if the dog has not
been previously seen by Sherwood Barks Staff.

(Puppies do not need assessment)
   Completed Registration and Waiver forms 
must be submitted before dog can com
         to Doggy Day Care

   Water, toys, outdoor facilites
             caring staff, 
and canine playmates are all provided.  


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