Sherwood Barks Dog Training

Puppy Classes, Agility, Flyball, Disc, Dog Daycare and Grooming

The spread of COVID-19 is on all of our minds and in the news. We'd like to reassure you that we have been monitoring this situation closely to ensure we can meet the ongoing needs of our customers. We are following all guidelines and procedures outlined by the Alberta Government.

Puppy Levels 1, 2, 3, tricks & games have been moved to an online ZOOM format

Leash reactivity, and Agility are postponed

Dog Daycare, Grooming, and the Store are still OPEN. 


Get your puppy off to a head start! 

Dog Training, Puppy Classes, Dog Daycare, Agility, Tricks & Games, Obedience, Flyball, Grooming

Puppy Classes are geared towards puppies that are 3 months -1 year in age- 'The Sooner the Better'

With our classes, you receive:

  • Online Homework/Video support after every class
  • Membership to our private Facebook Group
  • 15 min playtime before class begins

Grooming Services

We are still open for grooming services!

Toy Breeds to Large Breeds

(1 lb - 99 lbs)

Bath & Tidy

Full Groom

Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

and more...

XLarge Dogs (100+ lbs)

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate fully grown X-Large Breeds at this time (ie. Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, etc.)

Prices range from:

$35.00 to $150.00

Please note: pricing greatly varies depending on size, coat type, coat condition, and dog behavior. Please contact Sharlie to inquire about your dog's potential grooming prices.

*Our Groomer is specialized in Portugese Water Dog, Show style cuts, and Doodle Grooming*

Proof of vaccinations & our grooming waiver form is required for all grooming clients.

To Book an Appointment or to inquire about pricing:

Please send your requests to: or text/call Sharlie Adams at (780) 878-8581.