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Get Your Puppy Off to a Head Start!!!!!

New Puppy Seminars geared toward
-Getting ready!
-Early Training - before coming to class
-All Behavioral Areas  'New Puppy'

Over 12 years of Service
to the Dog Community of
Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Area

Video support after every seminar
& all classes & private consults

Puppy Obedience & Socialization  
Level 2 Class 

**Pre-requiste Puppy Level 1
@ Sherwood Barks

Puppy Level 2 builds on the Obedience & Socialization started in Puppy Level 1

**All puppies/dogs depicited on this website are current or former students of Sherwood Barks Dog Training                                                                  

All Puppies/Dogs Depicted on this website are current or former students of Sherwood Barks Agility & Puppy & Dog Training.  

Full Payment - Puppy Seminar
Dog Name,Age, Breed& Handler?
Seminar Date?

   'Baby Puppy Seminar'  ....  Dec 09. 2017 

       ......Jan 13, 2018
                                               get started training!!
(advice for New Puppy Owners!!   or Puppy Owner's waiting for Puppy to arrive!!)

No need to wait until  puppy has completed it's vaccinations to qualify for group classes. 

Note:   For the health safety of the baby puppies! 
 Puppies do not attend the seminar. 
  Take what you learn and bring it home to your puppy.                   Video support provided.   
**All family members welcome to attend!                  

New Puppy Training

  'The Sooner the Better



     Get Ready for Puppy!

Learn strategies to help integrate
                your new puppy into your family..

.. Before puppy arrives

                             or shortly after arriving. 

Sat. Dec  9, 2017 @ 9:00am - 11:00am

Seminar fee includes the Whole Family


*Space Available 

Total Cost $52.50 (bring the whole family)

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Seminar Content:

"Day 1 Training'

  1. Puppy Nipping & Biting

2. Potty Training

3. Jumping Up

4. Chewing

5. Toys & Chew Toys

6. Diet


8. Socialization

9 Fear of Strangers

10. Introducing Puppy to Children

11. Introducting puppy to other dogs

12. Question Period:  Ask any
      questions pertaining to your
      new puppy.