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*All puppies, dogs & handlers depicted on this site are current or past students of Sherwood Barks Dog Training.

All Puppies/Dogs Depicted on this website are current or former students of Sherwood Barks Agility & Puppy & Dog Training.  



Sherwood Barks Training Center  & Day Care: 

4718-78 Ave. NW. (1/2 block east of Shaw Cable)

   located on Sherwood Park Freeway

Training Phone Number - 780-417-7756   (Jen)

Doggy Day Care Phone Number -780 -465-9998   (Sara or Dana)


Jen Scheidt, Head Trainer,
                                       Behavioral & Puppy Specialist 

Jen has over forty years of experience training dogs and puppies. Jen has been training dogs nearly all her life, she started at the age of twelve as a handler showing at CKC dog shows.

At fifteen Jen could be found cleaning kennels in order to gain experience as a trainee teaching Labradors to hunt and retrieve.By seventeen Jen was working full time as a veterinary assistant.

Over the years Jen has experienced many changes in training methods, from the jerk-pull method of choke chains to physically restraining the dog. Today Jen uses clicker training, positive re-enforcement, and operant conditioning style of  dog training. The end result is a well behaved dog who's tail is wagging and enjoys the experience of learning with it's handler. Having used all the various methods over decades of training dogs, Jen prides herself on keeping up with the latest techniques by continuing to attend seminars and researching proven dog training methods. 

Over the years Jen has trained many different dog breeds and sizes. Rescue dogs were always a challenging project and Jen loves the challenges.

Sherwood Barks Demo Dog Family: (Jen's Dogs)

Six, a 7 year old Border Collie/ Sheltie mix. A suprise addition to the Sherwood Barks Doggy Family, six was surrendered to Jen at 9 weeks old. Six is now competingat a National Level in AAC & UKI Agiltiy. 
Tug-It, a red Border Collie joined Sherwood Barks in December 2012. He is taking his job as "Demo-Puppy" very seriously. He even has his own YouTube channel! He works with Jen in behavioral consults with reactive dogs.  Tug-it also competes at a National Level in AAC  & UKI agility.
Mouse, 3 year old, long hared Chihuahua began his agility career in AAC & UKi, January, 2016. 
Trap, joined Sherwood Barks in May, 2016.  He is a full brother to Mouse and is learning his new position in the team. 
2016.Over the Rainbow Bridge... best Jack Russel ever.....Freeway rescued Jack Russel Terrier. Competed as National Competitor; first in Alberta 2012, and 2nd in Canada 2009, 2012.

                      Freeway - My Heart Dog... so missed!   Feb - 2016

Sara - Doggy Day Care Supervisor

Sherwood Barks is thrilled to welcome Sara to our staff.   She brings with her a happy smile, a loving, caring attitude for her furry friends.

 Sara is Sherwood Barks Doggy Day Care Supervisor.  She is the smiling  face you & your dogs will meet Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.  Sara  also assists with Dog Training classes on Saturday.

Sara’s  interest in the well-being of animals started at a young age, surrounded by little creatures with fur and scales alike.  She spends time with pups on the family farm and caring for her two city dogs; a Border collie cross and German shepherd cross.

A nurturer at heart, Sara’s background is in caregiving with seniors. With her dedication as a care provider and love for animals, Sara chose to extend her professional efforts through working in the K-9 industry.  Sara finds  caring for the dogs/puppies in Doggy Day Care to be the most rewarding work she has every done. 

Working at Sherwood Barks Sara brings past personal and professional experience to this positive, low stress, fun environment for pups.  She believes socializing and play time to be essential. It develops social skills and confidence.  Sara also knows Sherwood Barks program at dog daycare is therapeutic. At the end of the day the dogs are relaxed from the mental/physical stimulation  provided.

At Sherwood Barks, Sara follows the programs set by Jen which enables her  to further enhance her work in the socialization environment through  positive based training methods..  Sara brings her own dogs to training sessions and doggy day care .  She is working with them closely using techniques learned at Sherwood Barks.   Sara is constantly learning how to better the quality of life for the dogs she cares for.





John Hendrix - Guest Instructor @ Sherwood Barks. He will be instructing Fly Ball - 

John is the head trainer at Norther Power Paws FlyBall team.  Norther Power Paws is one of the top/fastest Flyball teams in Canada.

John   has substantial experience working with a variety of dog breeds.   His passion is FlyBall and keepin the sport active.  

John and his wife Sharon have eight Flyball Dogs.  Some are retired.